20 minutes this morning before we really had to leave for school 
I had miss put on her shoes, get her coat and bag... "Load the car!" 
Usually that last part is done in a panic as we are pushing it on time.
Today, we were 10 minutes early by the time she loaded the car.
I told her to come back inside. "Quickly!"
(I waved to her motioning her inside as I stood at the garage door.)
She came a bit confused.
Excitedly I said to her, 
"we have 10 minutes before we have to leave for school...
let's play beat the clock and clean your room together."

We beat the clock. And made it to school 2 minutes early.
(She was tardy 7 times last 9 weeks. Seven? Yes, 7.)

This afternoon she was able to bring a friend home from school to play with for a bit.
Sweetly they sat pondering what picture they should draw and what words they could include for a 'shoebox' donation for
At one point they discussed what language they should use when writing the letter-
because you know it could go to any child anywhere in the world...


Hershey's Moma


  1. Look at you two taking advantage of the extra 10 minutes. I loved reading about the conversation between your sweet girl and her friend :)

  2. beat the clock! great idea. and I LOVE OCC. both my moms groups are doing collections!



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