Little miss has a little bucket up kind of high in her closet that holds a few of her leotards and such. 
Today as I was sorting clothes and straightening her closet 
I found one of my most favorite ornaments tucked away in that bucket. 

Funny I thought to myself. Did I give this ornament to little miss last year
and just forget?? Because really I don't think I would. It is so breakable and one of my favorites.
It is the reason we celebrate Christmas. 
I decided to place it nicely on the mantle. Where no little hands can reach...
And how fitting that I found it on my birthday. 


Hershey's Moma
I've decided to finish out my 'complete' series.
(6 items left on my list for the year!) 
I'm onto Christmas and I'll hopefully be done decorating soon... then I'll give you all a tour. ;)


  1. Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful and blessed day!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, my friend!! Definitely fitting that you found that great ornament on your special day. Would love to see exactly how it ended up where it did. :)



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