Disney 2011. Complete. {week 45}

Taking a look at the pictures I captured on my cell phone this past week because really...
I didn't want to lug my big camera around. So I didn't...
The plan.
This year for our Disney trip we split up on our trip down.
I got sick (from exhaustion; we think) the first day last year and we were trying to prevent that this year.
So my husband left by car on Friday night with our oldest and middle son on an 'amazing race'
to see who would arrive first-
(they would rather drive)
  I stayed home for one more night getting some much
needed rest after a week of getting it all together
and flew out Saturday afternoon with our 2 youngest. 
One hour before we left the house to get on the plane our youngest was in tears.
Crocodile tears.
I don't wanna leave Indiana I'm too tired to go on a taxi and a plane ride...
bring the car back to Indiana!! And I don't wanna do anything that makes me bored.
I shot off those text messages to my husband who reminded me we were racing to Disney...
I reminded our 4 year old whose tears quickly turned to joy at least by the time
 he was securely buckled into the limo.
Sorry, mom... he says as he glances my way. He grins;
I like this ride...
And we beat my husband to the condo by 5 minutes.
From door to door 7 hours for us; 17 for my husband. (they did stay the night in Tennessee)
Then, we were in Disney!!!
Breakfast bright and early at 1900 Park Fare with Mary Poppins and Friends
then off to Magic Kingdom with the Speedway being our littlest ones first ride with me by request.
After loosing Nana for a bit we finally met up with her at
Dumbo where our littlest didn't want to leave her side.
The older ones stayed with Papaw
and my husband for the day and we all met
 up for a late lunch.
Then we secured our spot for the Parade so we could watch it together.
Me and my 3 boys with Papaw and Nana (my mom and dad)
(photo taken by my husband with his phone)

I told everyone before we fell asleep Monday night that I would be getting up early
 to go to Animal Kingdom for the Extra Magic Hours that started at 8 a.m.
Whoever wants to get up and go with me can.
 The rest of you can sleep in and meet me there later in the day...
Guess who was up early whispering across the room to me,
mom, did I make the early wake up time??
My girlie.
She and I went alone while the guys slept in.
We were able to leisurely walk around the park for a bit
until we decided to ride Expedition Everest.
It was our first time.
It was fast and a bit scary.
After the ride little miss said,
my legs are shaking from my knees to my toes.
Going to Dinoland quickly remedied that as she won a stuffed octopus
 at one of the 'carnival' games.
The rest of the family made it to the park by 11ish with my husband and our youngest
meeting up with me leaving Papaw with our 14 year old and 9 year old to
head on over to Hollywood Studios.

The weather was gorgeous.
83 degrees and perfect to spend a day by the pool.
After a great breakfast buffet at our Resort we all split up to do our things-
 Papaw went golfing, My husband and our 2 oldest went to Typhoon Lagoon,
while Nana and I stayed back at the Resort with the 2 littlest ones at the pool.

We've decided the Yacht Club pool with the sand bottom is the best.
That evening we all met up at Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 
where Santa really is the star of the parade-
 And we didn't get in until 1 a.m. Yikes!
(our first year everyone made it home awake!)

12 noon and we had a Princess Meal to attend.
We had to make it to the Castle in Epcot located in Norway.
With sleeping in that morning we barely made it.
We had a family photo done with Belle. 
Belle very kindly stated to our oldest 
she would like to teach the Beast how to do his hair like our oldest does!
We stayed late and after all the glow swords came out on the carts to be sold that night
(and the 3 nights prior)
our 4 year old big mister asked
can I have a sword?
Not tonight I responded.
Next time [he said matter of factly] just tell me no!
I did.

A change of pace.
A new resort.
A day in the room for me and our 2 littles while the guys went bass fishing.
They caught 11 fish while I caught up on all our laundry, drank a lot of coffee,
let the kids each 'swim' in the bathtub; watched too much t.v. and I read a magazine...
The fishermen-
 We all were very worn out but enjoyed our last day together at Hollywood Studios.

I told the 2 little ones before bed Thursday night as they were super excited;
they had to get to sleep so I could have enough energy to push them around the park-
One last ride.

Happy Monday!!
I've got some unpacking to do.
 I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things-
 I'll be meeting our girlie later for a date in my room with hot cocoa for her and hot tea for me.


Hershey's Moma


  1. Can I just tell you how I love your little Miss. I'm so glad that your little guy's tears dried up and he enjoyed the trip. It looks like an amazing, jammed packed trip!

  2. so, so, so, so fun. "they had to get to sleep so I'd have enough energy to push them around the park" crack me up!

  3. What a fun week. I would have voted on flying too.

  4. What a great week!! Looks like an amazing time. Love that your youngest "didn't wanna do anything that would make me bored". Lol!! Love the date you had planned with little miss.



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