Last night we were coming home a little late. The sun had already gone down and it was really dark out on our country roads. While the rain was hitting the pavement the glare of my headlights was making it hard to see. I kept my eyes focused on the white line at the right edge of the roadway.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a bunny start to hop across the road. 
"Awww, a bunny." I said as I started to slow.
 "It's a little baby bunny. Go bunny. You need your momma. Hop on across, go find her." I said aloud.
"Mo-om, are you thinking of that book??" our oldest asks as he is sitting right next to me and is the only one in the car that can see the bunny-
Then our daughter exclaims, "mom, is it a gray bunny??" 
"It's white." I report.
"Mom, is it our baby?" she asks.
I wonder a second. Then I remember. OH our baby bunny that she and I rescued in our back yard last spring. We found one baby left in the nest just 2 days after a litter was born. It had a little broken leg and when we dropped it off at the wild animal hospital they said after it was all better they would re-release it up close to our house. 
She didn't forget.
"I bet it is our baby." I say.
That makes me wonder...
Is this momma deer our oldest spied last night going to have a baby just across the water from our backyard? I'm surprised she has set up home right there and doesn't even seem to mind the kids playing or the dog barking. Hmm. I sure hope she isn't hurt... 
I told the boys this morning on the way to the bus stop I'm going to keep my eye on her today.
She might be having a baby.


Hershey's Moma


  1. Wow! How cool would that be! Can't wait to hear all about it. Do you have a salt lick out there for the deer?



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