10 on 10 {November}

(I didn't forget!!)
10 photos over 10 hours on the 10th of the month... capturing today's beauty-
The sun is not up yet and it's cold outside.
(I just got back in from walking Hershey-)
 A small cup of coffee for me with 2% milk. Thank you. 
(check out my phone... this morning was my last time to use it...)
Good morning!! 8 a.m. and 6 year old little miss just woke in my bed. While looking at me she asks, “Moma? Can I wear my hair old fashioned today like you did yesterday?” (um, in case you are wondering no I haven't done my hair yet!!)

Making our bed.
Leaving the house.
Arriving at my BFF's house.
(she gave me a bag of clothes for my girlie!!)
Push me on the tire swing one more time before you take me to school, Moma.
Running errands with 4 year old big mister.
As we get out of the car I tell him he needs to put on his coat, it's cold outside.
If I don't put it on I'll get a brain freeze? (!)
Waiting outside of my husbands [local] office.
(I'm meeting his audiologist as she is dropping off a check 
for my husband; he was at the south office today while she was at the north.)
I see late afternoon snow flurries as I pull my car up the driveway. 
Look real close you can see them falling sideways.
I'm tearing into one of these bags for a chocolate chip cookie.
Oh, and I have a story about these bagged cookies.
Tomorrow I'll tell the rotten truth about 'em.
(yes, the cookies are yummy. and yes I baked them yesterday from scratch...)

Happy 10 on 10.


Hershey's Moma


  1. trying one more time...keep getting error! Thanks for sharing these photos. all yummy!

  2. I first saw your post in my reader at 11 am and thought, "wow, Amy's day started early". ha!

    I love when friends pass down clothes. Brain freeze...dying of cuteness.

  3. I didn't even know you had a blog. I am doing the Happy Day Project at Joy's Hope and had donated a book to the Joyful Life Library and when I was reading about how the project started I saw your picture. I love seeing your sweet kids, they are all so big! Such cuties!

  4. That picture of your daughter in the tire swing is the sweetest...and I can so hear the words..."one more time moma"!:)
    Looks like you have chilly weather too.
    We have frost on the ground and flurries falling...time for the heavy coats!
    have a happy day amy

  5. I think everyone is having snow already. way.too.soon. Those cookies look so yummy!

  6. These are some of my favorites posts...I love 10 on 10. It's getting pretty cold here too. I love the leaf shot :)



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