They were on a date.


Little miss had a field trip to the orchard this past week with her kg. school class.
The children were all gathered around a display watching and listening 
as they were being taught about field corn and the process of 
grinding it to make corn syrup.
Little miss patiently listens as she sits front and center but I could see her wheels turning.
Almost to the end of the demonstration and she just couldn't keep it in any longer.
I knew what she was going to say as soon as her hand shot up...
my daddy is allergic to corn and corn syrup- well really any corn products.
There isn't to much your daddy can eat then-
the demonstrator nicely replied.
Our daughter giggled.


I got a text with a picture from my husband mid morning yesterday.
The picture was our daughter drinking out of a mug with the caption saying-
"I wish you could taste this hot cocoa it is the best ever!"

I knew exactly what she meant.


Hershey's Moma


  1. I have a corn allergy too! It's mild, but there.

  2. Such a cutie. :)

    My dad can't have ANY dairy, and that is definitely a challenge - we eat a lot of the same things because of it. But we've all gotten used to it.

  3. I think this is the first I have ever heard of a corn allergy. That is so sweet of her to think of him and funny that you knew exactly what she was going to say. How fun their date must have been.



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