Saying yes.

I'm standing in the kitchen last night after a very long afternoon. Little miss wants a banana smoothie. She starts to get the supplies out. "NO. No, not tonight." I say. She looks at me a little pouty with slightly hurt feelings I'm sure. In an instant a quote comes to mind. One that I took some time discussing with my husband and even made a picture of yesterday morning-
Sometimes though I want to push past my thoughts and finish the evening so cangettobed.
After a second prompting (from my husband for me to stop and listen to myself) did I offer little miss the opportunity for her to have a banana smoothie in the morning after she quickly got ready for school.
I said yes, later.
The morning came and she remembered.
I was in a much better state having had a good nights sleep and didn't mind 
at all keeping my promise of a smoothie once she was ready for school.
We got ready, all went well and I made a smoothie just before we were to leave the house-

Yes, I made a dripping mess when I poured out the smoothie.

On the ride to school little miss speaks a thought-
Why don't you always say yes like Momma Bear does??
(from the Berenstain Bears)

I give it a thought and remember something an older and wiser mom (of 3 boys and a girl)
 told me 10 years ago now-
(she told me this when I only had one child and she was about 10 years ahead of me in parenting)
"Say yes as often as you can."

After I thought about it I realized I do say yes [mostly] like Momma Bear does.
It's just usually after I say no first and after I think it all through-
A new thought:

Pause, and say yes as often as you can.


Hershey's Moma


  1. hey friend! i was here yesterday and blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment. love this post--saying yes......very convicting! thanks for the reminder to do what (sometimes, sadly) comes so unnaturally!! <3

  2. Love this. It is hard to say yes all the time but the littles always remember when we do :)



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