It's a 4th grade spelling word for our middle son today and perfectly describes my day yesterday. I forgot forgot to do 10 on 10 yesterday. Just plain forgot all the way until just before bed time when I peeked at Kelli's blog and then it hit me.

So picture our 10th like this-
6 a.m. the alarm goes off and I'm up to make oatmeal for the 2 school bus riding boys; one eats it in the car the other eats it before we leave
7 a.m. home to a quiet house ready to tackle the [clean] laundry that piled all weekend
8 a.m. i write out a list of to-do's with a time frame for the morning and get to work on cleaning the girlie's bathroom first
9 a.m. fold some laundry as I watch the opening of Kelly (so wish I would have gone to her show when I was in NYC this summer)
10 a.m. get in my running shorts and think about running... husband is home today and wants to go on a run with me I decline because today i really want to run alone. (i felt a little guilty when he went out to run alone)
11 a.m. off to kg. drop off
12 a.m. home to make lunch for my husband and I (leftovers) as we are having a little date in the kitchen while big mister 4 year old watches Backyardigans in the basement as he eats his waffles for lunch (second meal of the day; second time for waffles)
1 a.m. start scrubbing the boys bathroom
2 a.m. leave the house to take our oldest son his practice jersey but text him on the way hoping I really don't have to drop it off because there has to be an alternative jersey he can wear during practice. Right? Wrong.
3 a.m. in the crazy car line at school looking for our oldest to meet me at the car for the hand off of the jersey/ nice mom honks at me as I roll down my window and wait for my son to grab the jersey. (she didn't like that I stopped the car line for 8 seconds. I wave real big and mouth SORRY! and THANKS!)
4 a.m. I've picked the 2 elementary school children up from the bus stop and we are heading to the bakery for a treat! (4th grader got 103% on his History test) (he was pulling up his grade from his last 'low grade' test and I'd say he did a great job!)

Which takes us to the only picture I took yesterday:
I had one. They are melt in your mouth goodness.

And another text from our oldest right now asking for me to drop off his gym shorts he left in my car this morning...



Hershey's Moma


  1. Love the rundown of your day...it was jam packed. Glad you were able to have a date with your honey and a treat!

  2. oh my! nonstop is definitely the right word. My days go that way often too. Running around putting out little fires created by my girls. And oh...the ups and downs of the grades. 103? Definitely deserves a cookie or two or three. :)

  3. Busy day. I hear moms are pretty serious about drop off/pick up lines. :) Hose cookies look yummy.

  4. I do believe I remember these cookies!! Yum!



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