Mini today.

Oh my goodness it is cold outside. 40 something degrees. My friend and I were texting last night as to what to wear today for the mini. I was honestly thinking about a ski mask. I settled for a neck warmer... I'll be back to let you know how it goes. AND I'll pick the dirty laundry up off of the boys room and maybe take a picture or 2 or 3 to show you their new space. That's the plan.

Happy Saturday to you-
Oh I finished. :) It was a hard run. Cold and windy with a few hills. Cold. So cold that I tensed the muscles in my back as I ran leaving me with a slight lower back ache. It was fun though. I'm not sure if I would do that one again though.

The boys room:
 Our 9 year old sleeps on top and that was hard at first for our littlest to get use to. He really wanted to be up there and this past week he got his chance as our middle son was away for the night at camp.
 I didn't put him to bed up there but when I checked on him after he had fallen asleep there he was. (I've told him he has to be 6 before he can sleep up there)
But he often goes up to the top bunk during the day just to 'play'.


Hershey's Moma


  1. Been thinking about you today! Can't wait to hear :)

  2. Hey lady, I'm sorry I took off so fast! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the two of us together! It was brutal with all that wind!!! We made it though. I feel spurred on to start back up exercising again...I think this run was what I needed.

  3. Danielle, like we said last time, we will have to do another race if only for a picture! :)
    You did a great job today. I was impressed!!

  4. congrats on the race!! :)

    I love the furniture in your boys room! We have bunk beds for our boys as well though they are just used as single beds in separate rooms for now. I'm POSITIVE I would always be finding my 3 yr old on the top bunk all the time as well, if they were stacked! :)




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