Date night at sunset, 9 year old and 4 year old playing tag outside of the High School Gym,
Old Time Car at the intersection,
Little Miss carrying in a bag of groceries for Nana,
Me embracing fall with a scarf, pumpkin pie at Nana's,
oldest on the 'therapy couch' asking if we can order out pizza,
fields are almost done harvesting; soon we won't have wheezing and itchy eyes,
jump rope girl waiting on the side walk for her oldest brother to finish football practice,
9 year old/husband/4 year old riding nicely on pumpkin train,
one of the field pumpkins, (field donated by Beck for pumpkin train each year)
Little miss having a 'time out' on my lap while on the pumpkin train, 
 oldest and his girlfriend on the pumpkin train,
Steak-n-Shake: afternoon 1/2 price treat on Wednesday,
 A pre run photo of me and my new running partner; my husband!!


Hershey's Moma


  1. I love these little glimpses into your week. I think you're gonna like your running partner ;)

  2. Pizza out......sounds familiar!!! haha!!! Looks like a fun week in photos!!! Pumpkin fun!!!!

  3. I look forward to this post every week. :)

  4. You two look so cute! I think it's awesome you have a running partner in your lifetime partner!!! So much fun! And ACK!!!! Girlfriend!!! Kids are growing up!



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