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 4th Grade Hoe Down for our middle son!!
I loved the games the kids played. 
Timed corn husking and a pancake eating contest just to name 2.
(I made the pancakes for the contest and in all the making I forgot to eat breakfast...
I almost snuck up on stage to take one. 
Then I was slightly disappointed when all of them were eaten for the contest!)
Saturday morning a cold, windy, hilly mini marathon for me.
Sunday afternoon an 'Annie' birthday party our daughter attended.
"Can you text a pic of the broken fridge... I want to compare it to the one at the store..."
-5 years later and ours just quit. 
(maybe the marble my husband found right on top of the 
drain hole had something to do with that??)
Wear What you want to be when you grow up to school day!!!
Girlie says she wants to dress as a ballerina. 
I remind her she had thought she wanted to be a scientist or an artist...
She didn't want to dress like that profession. In fact she said she could indeed be one of those when she grew up and a ballerina instructor. Yep. She is right so I didn't think much of it and let her do the ballerina thing. Nana called her after school to see how her day was-
Nana: How was your day?
Girlie: Well... today, ugh, today was the day I had to grow up... I didn't really want to... 
so I was a ballerina.
At the Wal-Mart loading up on snacks to take on our 6 hour road trip to Nana B's.
Mister is always moving until I ask him to stop for  a second. :)
As soon as school is out at 3, Mom and I pick up the kids with the car loaded and
 head straight for Nashville, TN...
It's a 6 hour drive and I'm hoping to really make it there by 9 p.m.
We made it to Grandma's house by 9:20. (8:20 her time!)
Hanging out at Nana B's house with Nana and the dogs-
That's our week as seen through my cell phone pictures...
Yeah it's Friday!!
(and Fall Break!)


Hershey's Moma


  1. Yeah for Fall break...I know you need this time. I love reading about your week...feels like I'm kind of there :) Pancakes sound good right now and I think an Annie party is a great that movie. Your little girl and her stories simply tug on my heart strings. Have fun with Nana B. We stop in Nashville on the way to Florida and stay in Brentwood...we love it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Enjoy your Fall break!!- looks like it's off to a great start! (and in my state too!) :)
    Many Blessings!

  3. I hope you are having a good break! Can't wait to hear how your trip was!



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