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Another fall week has gone by. Let's take a look at the pictures I have on my cell phone from this past week... but first the rainbow I forgot to show you last week:
 My mom and I sat in the car watching it and before we knew it that beautiful rainbow turned into a spectacular double rainbow.
 Saw this at (none other than) T.J. Maxx and instantly thought of my BFF.
 Okay, Friday I took our oldest to the Dr. AND he was released to play football again!!!
 Saturday I had some sweet nephew time at our middle sons last football game of the season.
(they lost in over time!)
 Sunday we feasted on Nana's pumpkin pies during the Colt's game.
 Monday I didn't take this picture then but this picture from the weekend describes
 how lovely the weather was-
 Warm enough to eat ice cream outside on Tuesday.
 Almost carded at Target for this purchase of Rootbeer.
(when the cashier asked to see my I.D. I just looked at her and said
 I hope not those are for my 9 year old!!)
Weather is still in the 80's through Wednesday afternoon.
 Hello there lip gloss gone bad.
When the weather is hot don't try to put on the lip gloss that has been sitting in your hot car-
It will cake on your lip in a ball of wax.
 A cozy spot for my husband to fall asleep.
(not the case by Thursday night but that's a different story)
 A week full of Hot Air balloon spotting's.
 And a pre mini marathon tradition;
taking the 3 youngest downtown to the Children's Museum and then to dinner
at the Old Spaghetti Factory.
(the Indianapolis Marathon is this Saturday and I'm not near as prepared as I was 
for the all women's mini 6 weeks ago now... I'll run/walk if I need to to finish it!!)

 With super blurry pictures that big mister had to be in both times...
with all of his silliness. :)

How about you. How was your week??
See more InstaFriday pictures at Life Rearranged or link up your week... ;)


Hershey's Moma


  1. I love the leaves. I get giddy everytime I see the beautiful colors. Too funny that you got carded buying root beer. Yay for looking too young to buy beer.

  2. Love your Friday posts!! :) Laughing out loud at the lip gloss incident. Too funny! Praying tomorrow goes as smoothly as possible!!

  3. What a week. I love the rainbow...they are fascinating. That sign is so nice and so wonderful that you have someone who fulfills that for you :) Yeah for being able to go back to football...I know he has to be thrilled!! The root beer story is too funny! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. It doesn't matter is you run or walk...the fact that you're participating is awesome. Enjoy!!!

  4. Fun Stuff!!!! I've totally had that lip gloss problem and then the sticky mass of gloss just sticks and smudges instead of glides on your lips...then when you try to wipe it off, it doesn't all come off. Ugh!

  5. Thank you for stopping in!!! Its been so neat to meet new people and families!!

    The trees at yall's place are much more Fallish than ours, hoping it happens soon here!!

    The rainbows are a beautiful picture of God's promises that we can trust and rest in!!

    Have a great weekend!!



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