a link up
a look back at our week through nothing but cell phone pictures...

Top to bottom, left to right:
Mayberry cafe with Nana and Papaw after our middle sons football game for the Sunday special;
 Fried Chicken! With our oldest and littlest stopping to play the piano a bit just before we left.
One trip to the grocery store this week for me made in my jammies and we are desperately needing another grocery store run. (maybe this next time I'll go dressed, maybe I won't.)
Handing over the Dr. note to our oldest that says he can ride the bike and do the elliptical 
to strengthen his knee. (big relief however he isn't to run or practice football yet)
 Walking into T.J. Maxx I found a wallet in the parking lot. I took it inside 
to the front desk with the man claiming it right away. :)
Five Guys for dinner one night right after football for our oldest and me. 
(as soon as we walked in the house he asked me what's for dinner?? UMM. He's a growing!)
Beautiful sunrise our daughter asked me to capture one morning.
I visited the IU health PICU to see The Joyful Life Library that was started there a few months ago now and it blessed my socks off. (I'll post more about that project soon!)
We stayed true to who we are and our oldest ate his breakfast in the car everysingleday.
Played checkers with our littlest (his version) one morning after he pulled me by my sleep shirt 
to the checkers table he had set up. 
I ate my breakfast there as we played. Of course he won.
Tickle time with Daddy before bed.
Fishing with Papaw and the 2 youngest. Our littlest kept saying over and over,
"Fisherman, I'm a fisherman and a fisherman never gives up!"

Have a happy weekend.
You can see others cell phone pictures at Life Rearranged.
I'm off to the Dr. with our oldest...


Hershey's Moma

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  1. So much to say...first, fried chicken...YUM! I'm going to attempt to make it this weekend actually. I'm so excited to hear that your oldest is progressing...he'll be back on the field soon :) That sunrise is absolutely breathtaking! Fishing looks like a lot of fun. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. We have gorgeous weather and I'm hoping to be out in it :)



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