Yesterday as 6 year old little miss and I sat down to dinner together (the guys had already eaten and were off to the football game...) miss asked, "mom, Gabriella is going to a Mexican restaurant tonight, when can we go to Mexican?" I reminded here we went a couple of weeks ago now right after Saturday evening church services- She looked at me in a way that said she didn't remember so I went on explaining; remember you ordered the cheese quesidillas and when they were delivered to our table you decided you really wanted a hard shell taco just like your brother had. Then the very nice waiter quickly went to the kitchen and brought you out a taco and you didn't like it like you thought you would. (?!!) She remembered then and said, "oh, no!! Not Mexican I mean the place where they cook the food in front of you... when can we go there??"
Hilton Head June 2011
We had one afternoon of rain this past summer vacation.
The rain came on Wednesday right in the middle of our week. 
After we spent time going to the movies,
milling around the dollar store and a home goods that were connected to the movie theater we decided the rain really wasn't even close to coming to an end. My husband decided to be the only 
one to get drenched running to get the car and he picked the rest of us up curb side.
My husband and I didn't want to eat in and while we were on vacation we decided to go out for Hibachi-
The only parenting mistake we I made that night; letting 4 year old big mister bring in 
his dollar store sword... the video. (in case you missed it this summer)
If we go for Hibachi any time soon you can rest assured I won't be letting big mister 
bring any sort of toy. It's safer that way. :)

Have a good Saturday-
No football practice early this morning for our oldest; they lost
last night and are now out of the play offs. ;(
(he says he is sad football is over... he has put everything into it these past 6 months)
My husband is out running in the 40 degree temps. I won't be joining him now that it's in the 40's. 
I'll run on the inside track from now on thank you.
And a tiny bit of advice my husband passed along to me this morning:
Yesterday he operated with a Dr. that runs. He asked him if he trained on a treadmill, outside etc.
That Dr. said he tore his meniscus twice treadmill running. :( 
Since I've had trouble with my knees off and on I'm sticking to track running this winter...


Hershey's Moma

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