The game areas. Complete. {week 40}

The 3 youngest children (9, 6, and 4) are finally at the age where we can all sit down to a game and play start to finish [mostly] without a hitch. Of course our 4 year old still thinks he knows exactly what he is doing and we play along but he is able to play 'on his own' and that has changed things for us-
So out came the games from off of the 'high' shelf that only an adult could reach and 
now the games are being used more and more. 
(not only reserved for after the littles are in bed)
However, the littles still have their own game area if the need would arise. And I'm still teaching the littlest one how to pick up after himself when he gets a game out. Because leaving all of the cards on the floor for me to sort after a game of memory match or go fish just isn't really going to work- He's getting the hang of it.


Hershey's Moma

I didn't win one game of memory match this weekend. Not one.
And I've moved a bit more furniture around. I can call it a pre mini marathon week tradition now. (nervous energy) The little black table is back to the basement...


  1. i spent my sunday catching up on all your posts--way to go w/another mini marathon!! love the spaghetti place tradition :) this is encouraging to read about games finally being able to be played 'without a hitch.' mercy, we're sooooooo not there yet. LOVE the game area you have set up, fun mama!!

  2. We need to play games more often. I adore Memory and played it so much with my mom when I was little. I'm sure your little guy will get the hang of picking up all the piece in no time. Games always have a ton of little pieces. Are you resting a little today?



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