The kids brought home their report cards yesterday. It hit me then. It is my first time to have 3 children in school. That is the difference I'm feeling this year...
  This 9 weeks went by before I knew it!! Our school days come quickly. The weekends go by even quicker. The time I have to spend with the kids is fewer and fewer-
 As I made a big family breakfast this past Sunday morning it was my husbands idea to wake our sleeping teen to join us. It was a little after 10 a.m. I don't mind if he sleeps in one day a week especially during football season. (we go to Sat. eve. services however, we did skip this weekend as I was just pulling in from Nashville Saturday evening.)
 As our oldest came to the table all blurry eyed he asked, "why did I have to get up now??" "Because I want to spend this meal time with you... I realize I only have about a few hundred more meals to spend with you before you leave home..." my husband said aloud. The beginning of the lasts.
And so it is-
Our oldest had his very own plate of chocolate chip pancakes.
(he is the only one that usually eats them but our middle son joined him this Sunday; a first.)

We've had many firsts and quicker than we realize we are going to have our lasts...


Hershey's Moma
Not five minutes had gone by last night after bed time prayers were said when 
we had an answer to one of our prayers...
Our oldest had lost his wallet.
I went up to fold the laundry and there it was in his back pocket of one of his school pants.


  1. Family time over pancakes and bacon...priceless. Enjoy each and every moment :) Yeah...glad the wallet is found!

  2. Yay for quickly answered prayers!! I absolutely love the pictures you included here. Reading your post made me nostalgic. Days are full and time moves quickly. Reminding myself to take every moment captive.



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