all stocked up on our favorites
(we can count on about 5 little people knocking on our door tomorrow)
This afternoon I spent some alone time with our 14 year old, oldest son. He asked to go with me as I ran errands. We were able to talk a bit about his placement in the family. It all started when he asked to get a new video game.  I said no. For different reasons then he understands. He is (and always has been) a hard sell. That will serve him well. I told him repeatly from every angle, no. He finally quit talking about the video game when I said he was giving me great blogging material.
Little miss spent a good portion of today decorating for the trick-or-treaters.
Zipped his lips until we passed the fire station we lived by when he was a toddler- I recalled how he loved love loved watching the firemen spray their hoses in practice each week. That brought his grin back.
While she decorated she sang a made up song in a made up tune,
I'm named after my great great grandmother, my great great grandmother,
great great grandmo-o-o-ther!!
It also broke the ice; it's hard being the firstborn. Yes, in many ways it is. We talked about the hard parts and the good parts as we pulled up to our last stop, the grocery store.
He wandered back to electronics mumbling they probably won't even have the game as I told him to meet me in about 5 minutes by the UScan aisles. It's hard being the mother to a firstborn I told him when we got back in the car. It takes some time for me to process it all...


Hershey's Moma

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  1. our firstborn is a hard sell, too. thanks for the reminder it will do him well someday. as a mom it can be EXHAUSTING!! ;) what a precious time w/your son



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