Eggs for breakfast?

Although 6 year old little miss really likes to cook herself some eggs at home-
(all by herself; get out the pan, melt the butter, crack the eggs into the bowl, stir and pour into the pan)
Her very close second favorite way to eat eggs is all alone with Daddy 
on a Saturday morning at their breakfast spot.

My husband sent a text this past Saturday morning missing his Saturday morning date as little miss
 was in Nashville with me-
Just starting to dig into her waffle she made for herself in the waffle maker.
(those waffles are what get our 9 year old middle son out of bed when we stay at the Hampton Inn!!)
(Kelli, we stay a little further south of Brentwood off of the Columbia exit...)

Have a good Thursday!
I'm cooking up a huge pot of White Chicken Chili.
And Jen, I need your address so I can mail you the 'Love pillow' from
the Board Books Needed post!!!
(thanks for all your support my friend...)


Hershey's Moma


  1. I did not get the leader in BSF to call me back, but fortunately there was a bible study modeled very similar to BSF at my local church! Win!

  2. I adore her independence and the fact that you nourish it. This is something I need to work relax and let them just do it themselves. We love Brentwood and this last time we stayed at a Residence Inn and the service was amazing. I'm off the check out that chili recipe.

  3. Kelli, she is independent and I must say that is one area I am strong in. For better or worse... she comes by is honestly ;)
    I had the chili now for breakfast and lunch. (I made a quadruple batch!!) I might be having it for breakfast and lunch tomorrow too. I sent a double portion off in a crock for our oldest sons football dinner tonight.
    Danielle, I'm glad you found a similar style Bible Study; so good for you all. I'm missing Bible study this year but I continually have confirmation I'm at home where I need to be right now in this season...

  4. white chicken chili is going on the 'to make' list! i love that your daughter makes eggs!!

  5. Nice work little miss!! I am very impressed. Love Daddy/Daughter dates. :) So excited about the love pillow and even more so, the project itself. Thank you so much!!



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