Here I am right after I was done running the mini this past Saturday morning-
 chomping on my apple and not even aware my husband and daughter were standing watching me-
Nope, I couldn't even hear my husband screaming...
(I gathered every single piece of food they had to offer at the finish line except the oreo cookies, eww.)

5 things.

1. The very first thing I thought as I stepped outside and walked my way to the starting line in 40 something degree fall weather-
I think I'd rather be getting ready to do a 13 mile run down the side of a  mountain on skis.

2. I was cold for the first 3 miles. Then I hit my first hill and warmed up to the point that I took off my white ski shirt (while I was running) and tied it around my waist wearing 
my second layer of a tank top with push down pull up sleeves and pushing my neck warmer up from around my neck to atop my head.

3. I brought myself an apple juice box that I held so tightly to during my run and fully intended to drink it at the 3 mile mark- Right after I tied my ski shirt around my waist I realized some how in that process I dropped my juice box and now would have to drink gatorade (yuck) provided at the drink stations. 
(or water) 

4. I ran alongside, for much of the race, different people with T shirts on alerting me to the need for clean drinking water in 3rd world countries. I was joy filled (more so) with the clean water the volunteers handed out during this race and even for the gatorade.

5. By the last 2 miles of the race the wind had picked up and I wasn't picking up speed. The coldness returned. So again while I was running I put on my ski shirt and pushed my neck warmer from off of my head to down around my neck. I also put on lip gloss. No, not for the picture at the finish line but really I think I was a bit wind burned on my cheeks and lips. I still feel a slight sting.

I'm taking some time off from 'big' runs-
I'm not really a cold weather runner...
And I've decided I will do this run again...
more prepared.

Next mini, May 2012.


Hershey's Moma


  1. And when our oldest saw this picture he asked, "MOM!? Did you really wear a neck warmer!!!??? It wasn't 'that' cold..."

  2. Here's to the next mini :) I'm so proud of you. Look at all those snacks. And

  3. You are so stinkin' cute!!!!! I'm in the mini in May next year too! Maybe if we both train faithfully we will actually be able to stick together through a race!! Barring any injuries and sickness and life as we know it! ;o)



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