Catching up.

My husband resorted to washing a load of his whites this morning. That never happens.

Our oldest asked me to wash his football gear last night before I laid down with our littlest for bed time.
I fell sound asleep before I got a load in. That sometimes happens.

Today, I'm catching up. With my being gone to visit Grandma for a few days and then choosing to 'play' instead of do the laundry yesterday... well, you know.

Maybe I'll be back tomorrow for a complete post. Maybe not. It depends on how far I get on the laundry today. I really don't want to have another evening one night this week like we had one night a couple of weeks ago now-

Taken with my cell phone and sent to my BFF in a text picture message.
I said something to the effect of,
husbands home LATE from work and doesn't have a place to sit and relax and he is complaining WHAT DO I DO??
She quickly responded with something like, get laundry baskets and clear out the room. I did. In a record fast speed...
And when I was done with a place for him to either sit or lay,
I found him in the basement sound asleep on the couch.

Catching up today.
Have a happy Monday.


Hershey's Moma


  1. Take your time to catch up...Completes will happen when they happen. Sounds like a wonderful BFF :)

  2. sometimes we just need a 'complete catch up'! :) happy catching up, sweet blogger friend!

  3. Excellent job on the transformation!! I am impressed. :) She gave you excellent advice.



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