Best text message so far this week:

On the outside, it may look like things are falling apart. On the inside, God is making new life every day with his unfolding grace.  (2CO4:16MSG)

Yesterday, as I sat across the table from our oldest he leaned towards
 me with his phone as he asks,
 "have I shown you my scripture texts?" Before I can answer he shares with me the above scripture
as he places his phone in my hand to read it. "I LOVE that! Will you forward it to me?" I ask. 
"Yeah, he says adding, "I think it's my favorite verse so far this year."

 He signed up to receive scripture text messages on his phone through 
his school at the beginning of the school year. He forwarded it right away to me and his dad.
It's my favorite text to date. 
I may never delete it. 
And I made this copy for you-

Enjoy this new day.


Hershey's Moma


  1. How wonderful that he shared that with you and that on his own he signed up to receive Scripture. What an encouragement! Thank you for sharing this verse...I need that reminder. Thank you friend.

  2. that, my friend, is a verse to cling to! <3 <3 <3



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