Back into the groove. Complete. {week 43}

In the boat cuddy. Daydreamer. He's taken many naps in the cuddy.  
Monday. Boats away for winter storage!! We my husband cleans the boat super duper good before we put it away and brings in all the miscellaneous items. This year he found a pair of little miss's shoes. (I have always left the 2 newborn diapers in the side pocket of the cuddy and I'm not so sure I'll ever bring them in.)
Tuesday. Paper work day. First, the desk area has been organized. The piling paper work I'm so close to being to the bottom of... And I'm crossing things off of my list!!
Wednesday. I had to keep my promise. Because I promised miss on Monday we would paint pumpkins on Tuesday. Tuesday came and I said it was to late in the day... I reasoned with her we really needed to paint in the early morning sun. That's much better for the pumpkins. Pumpkins like to dry out in the morning sun. Wednesday morning came and before she even had all of the sleep out of her eyes she was setting up shop at the kitchen table. The sun coming in that morning was beautiful and the pumpkins turned out great. (miss used a wippie on her pumpkin many times before she had just the right art work flowing)
hello sleepy allergy eyes
Thursday. Yes, miss has a new coat for winter. It is on a top her jammies. 
She slept in it all night and when I peeked in on her in the morning the fur around the collar made me jump as it was atop her head!! (thankful the boys all have coats that fit very well)
Oh, I also cleaned out the coat closet. MESSY; to say the least. 
It felt so good to separate the hats from the mittens from the boots from the scarves.

So do you see how I flipped the couch off of the wall and now it's 'free floating.' Well, probably not. Just picture it to the right of the little black table.
Friday. I purposed to spend time in the basement with the 2 littles while the guys were at the High School Varsity game. (they lost and football season is officially over tonight) As I listened to the game on the Internet (it was a super close game and very exciting) I colored and colored with the kids.
Little miss made all kinds of picture pages, mazes, addition problems and matching games for me to do.
School work! I received many check pluses. I let the kids stay up until way past 'sun down' and as I put 4 year old big mister to bed he said it was one of the best days.
Saturday. I pinned this saying and knew I had to make it (or my variation of it)
for some place in my house. The kitchen. 
Right in front of the stove. Because I love my family. (I'm on the search for a bread box; vintage.) 
(oh, and I found the fried chicken recipe we love love love. It's here on Moma's Kitchen)
Sunday. It was a gorgeous day to run errands with our firstborn. He and I gathered just what we needed for a little birthday party for Nana... Carrot Cake, Corned beef, Swiss cheese and rye bread from our favorite deli. We arrived home just in time for me to make a double batch of cream of potato soup. We ate it all.

The days are full. I'm really still working on getting back into the groove but I'm feeling much better about my days. I finally started working through a daily schedule. (something I should have done 10 weeks ago when school started because really my daily schedule changes with each school year!) I've worked my way through Tuesday. I hope to finish soon... If you want/need ideas for making a daily schedule I've been following these tips found here.

The kids are dressing up tonight although they haven't yet decided what they will be. I'll pull down the dress up bucket when they get home from school. I think our oldest is going to wear his Daddies scrubs and lab coat. I really can't believe he will completely fit in them. Sigh.

Have fun trick-or-treating or what ever you all do!!


Hershey's Moma


  1. so glad you're 'back in the groove'! love your sign above the stove--so sweet and such a reminder to your fam each and every day

  2. Great week! And you found the excited am I???? I adore reading about the quality time that you spend with your little (and big) important. I hope you are having a great week! I hope to post about my craft area that I semi cleaned up soon :)

  3. What a great week. I love finding random things. I cleaned out my purse tonight and found four pairs of baby socks.

    Pumpkin painting is a favorite activity over here too. I love your sign!



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