9 year old off to camp!

"Don't let the house burn down when I'm gone, mom..."
(and probably most important-)
"Don't let the little kids get into my stuff."

I hope I sleep tonight. I'm sure he won't. :)


Hershey's Moma

edited to add:
Middle mister camper boy 1/2 way to the bus stop speaks quietly with a shaky voice saying, mom... I need a sack lunch... We worked it out. (because you know really, my car is a pantry) I told him to look in the book bag of little miss for her fruit snack from yesterday. Bonus!! She didn't eat any of it; slice of amish pumpkin bread and a banana. Then I had stocked away in between the console an applesauce and a lemonade with a twist top. (middle misters leftover snack from yesterday that he didn't eat, instead he had a donut that I ran into the store to get right after pick up!) We used the donut sack as his lunch bag for today. Oh, and we asked our oldest if he would so kindly donate his apple he had this morning for a portion of his breakfast. He did. He'll be feasting like a king today come lunch time... whew.


  1. OK...I am amazed that you had all of that to pull a lunch together. That was totally a God thing :) I'm sure he'll have a great time. Just make sure you keep the house safe, K?

  2. I love that you had enough food in your car to make a lunch. Color me impressed!

  3. Hope he had a great time and you managed to keep the house from burning down. :)



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