Truth be told, a couch. Complete. {Week 35}

3 weeks in the making and I'm still not done with the play room. It is the sorting toys that is getting me. Keep. Give away. Keep. Give away. About half way through the process my husband asks, "Do you think our kids are going to need therapy as adults for that toy you gave away when they were young?" Keep. Give away. Give away. Keep. Organize. Organize. Organize.

A sneak peek-
 A new couch. It's been named-
 Our oldest helped me carry it in yesterday. We set it down in the middle of the room. He looked at it, sat down and said, "oh, it's not very cozy." "Cozy is not what I was going for," I respond and go on saying, "It really wasn't a couch I wanted you to lay on and snooze the day away." With that he takes the {very comfy} pillow, places it under his head and stretches his long body out on the couch having to tuck in his legs to make himself fit. He grins up at me as I watch. Then he sits straight up a little indignant, "Mom! You know what this reminds me of? A therapy couch. YOU bought a therapy couch." "Yes, sweetie we have shifted from PLAY room to therapy room. We'll call it the play therapy room," I sum up.
Perfect. They won't need therapy after all. They are receiving it now in this new space that I've created. (but I'm not a therapist although I've been mistaken for one, and encouraged to be one. By a therapist. Different story.) So where are all the toys in this new room you ask? Hiding- That's the way I like it...
 With the exception of this corner to the right of the therapy couch. For now. (yes, little miss has her table for crafting in the basement now. She has shown she can be more responsible in the little things so I gave her more responsibility by moving it out of the kitchen area.)
 oH, and last night we did do our bed time reading on that couch.
 My colors I tried pulling together throughout the basement.
Very brave of me to put so much glass in the basement. Hope it goes well.

Happy Labor Day! I'll be organizing, keeping, giving away...

Did you see the mess I was in last week in that far right picture. I have come a long way on that space!


Hershey's Moma


  1. way to go! looks great :) love the 'therapy couch'......i may need a session or two if you don't charge too much! lol. love your complete projects!

  2. Keep.give away...I totally get that! The therapy couch. My dad always says "maybe you need to go lay on someone's couch." Looks like a great reading place...Mommy love is the best therapy :)



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