Still working on the toys. Complete. {week 35}

Does that window look 'naked' to you? 
Okay, I've come to the realization that you can't go 'collecting' toys for 14 years with hardly scaling down any and then think you can get through them all in a few weeks.

I've created a mess.

But I'm to the point where I can fit most of them inside the toy closet now. 
My ultimate goal is to not have a toy closet.
And I haven't taken a single toy to my husbands office for his office 'toy closet'. 
This Thursday is my deadline for that...

Random thoughts for today-

I'm feeling creative and would really like to make something small this week.

Our oldest is home sick today-
a fever and a sore throat.

I need to clean the bathrooms, change the sheets and finish folding the laundry pile in my bedroom.
(Middle son needs new socks too. I'm sure there are some in a box in his closet; hand-me-downs!)

Have a good Monday!


Hershey's Moma


  1. happy monday to you! i was too busy looking at your beautiful kitchen to see a naked window....but perhaps that's where your creativity comes into play this week? ;) my oldest is home sick today, too! yucky stuff being passed around already......happy monday to YOU!

  2. I have to say first that your home looks so cozy. I do think that the window needs a little something, though I do adore all of that light :) Ooh, what do you think you will make? Push yourself to get the toys to your hubby's office on can do it. Hope your oldest feels better soon. We changed sheets last night...we decided that Sundays will be the day to change all sheets.

  3. Toys...ugh don't get me started. I only have babies so I can't imagine how much you've got. Some days I just want to throw them all away and give the girls a cardboard box. Hope your guy feels better. Oh, yes the window looks a bit naked.



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