September 11; Where were you?

Our oldest {and only at the time} was 4. We were watching GMA in our tiny apartment living room. We saw the first plane. My son hid behind the chair beside me as I called my husband at work as a resident. I told him to go to a patient room and turn on the t.v. while our son started building a gun out of mega blocks. The first time I remember him 'playing' with guns. It was such a life changing moment-

another resident on the ENT rotation with my husband 
My husband was a little bothered by the call as he was in the middle of rounding on patients. I remember him saying he would have to wait awhile. Then he called me right back as the news started spreading throughout the hospital. It had sunk in by then that this was real. I had to leave the house to get to a Bible Study Fellowship Leaders Meeting on time. I was a few minutes late. My husband asked me to come to the hospital when I was done. Where were you?


Hershey's Moma

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  1. working at moody video in chicago. rumors were a plane was supposed to hit the hancock or sears buildings a couple blocks away on either side of us. freaky and unbelievable and unbelievably sad. I just keep thinking of all the families affected that day and think....10 years later--they probably still feel pain at times. praying!
    <3 <3 <3



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