Last night, after I put the 3 younger ones to bed and while I was waiting on our oldest and my husband to come home from the movie, I hobbled around the house a bit (yes, I'm slightly sore from the mini yesterday!) and did little changes. A flag here, a menu written there-
It's our middle son that always notices and says something about the little things I do around the house. He reads aloud our menu for the week this morning when he is fresh out of bed-
Going through each day, proclaiming with excitement what we will be looking forward to for dinner.
Then comes Saturday.
Out, he reads.
From the looks of it we will be out of food come Saturday-
Guess we will be fasting!


Hershey's Moma


  1. Laurie, think you can have a 'rock the crock' for me on Tuesday morn?? No pressure... ;)

  2. We had pork tenderloin just last night. I love your middle guy for noticing. How funny about thinking you'd be out of food.



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