The orchard.

It was Kindergarten field trip day-
(no siblings allowed!)
Instead of riding the bus into school and then heading to the orchard
I kept little miss home as the orchard we were visiting was closer to home then the school is.
We woke to gloomy skies again and a bit of rain fall.
Our middle son (the weather man) declared on the ride to the bus stop,
"looks like a terrible day for the orchard."
Of course we were still going rain or shine.
9 a.m. was the meet up time.
Our route there landed us in the parking lot at 8:59 and about 50 seconds.
Thankfully we beat the bus...
We toured, we sampled, we visited and the rain held out.
Gray skies held on tight hovering right above us.
We didn't do the wagon ride.

As the teacher announced we would be skipping the wagon ride due to weather
our daughter looks to her friend and exclaims,
"then let's go shopping!"

They gathered their apple picking bags as they headed into the barn.
They each picked out their own baby pumpkins, an assortment of apples and a gallon of apple cider.

As we loaded into the car and sat quiet for the first portion of our ride home
little miss says, "that wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. 
Not as fun as when it's just you and me mommy."

That was followed with a promise that we would be back. 


Hershey's Moma


  1. I am truly unsure of whether I can run the whole thing because I have not been training for the past 6 weeks like I should have been. I have walked half marathons before, so it is doable whether you trained or not. You proved you can do this 3 weeks ago and it is possible to do it again. I keep telling myself that. I'll walk and run it. It will still be beautiful and so much fun!

  2. awww, i'm sure you'll take her back after those sweet words!! <3



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