Oh, that 's' word.

It popped right out of big misters 4 year old mouth last night as he sat across the dinner table from his 6 year old sister. I don't even know what prompted him to say it... but there is was-

The table went silent. I was the first to speak. "That's not a very nice word to say." Little miss adds with a horrified look on her face and a high pitched mother like tone to her voice, "yes, that's a really bad word to say." She goes right into a story. "I just forgot once [how bad that word was] and said that word to a boy on my soccer team while we were playing soccer... the coach wasn't really that angry, he just said, get on with the game." "He said that to you?" I ask. "No, to the boy I told shut-up to."

Little miss, Spring Soccer, 2011

Hershey's Moma


  1. My muscles were sore but are better now. My ankle is totally fine. I hope your knee straightens up. Still hurting you at all today? Yes, the bedrooms are all upstairs! It is getting exciting!

  2. That girl...she sure does know how tell a story. Oh, the dreaded 's' word...it makes me so sad to hear people say that to others.



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