Motivation. Complete. {week 37}

Maybe it's because I've spent a few to many nights sleeping on this couch recently (with a sick little boy) but I have really not been motivated.
To get me through my last 2 workouts I've had to repeat this quote over and over again in my mind:
Unless you puke, faint or die keep going.
(came across that on Pinterest but I didn't repin it. I really get tired of seeing those skinny bodies attached to those quotes. My issue but it makes me want to say, 
"what part of getting healthy involves getting super duper skinny??"
Extreme? Yes, but I've finished the workout strong each time I've thought of that quote.
 The house though I've yet to find the motivation to finish strong. I feel like it's a mess right now. I've pulled way to many projects out to finish and I don't know what's 
really holding me back to get them done-
My bathroom: 
My neighbor now refers to me as a 'true Fashionista'. I walked her through my messy house last week to show her what I've been up to. She couldn't believe all my T.J. Maxx finds recently. Included in my find was this little piece of furniture for my bathroom. I've had it for a few weeks now and really I just didn't know what to do with it.
 I'm more practical than anything else so I decided it would be best used with practical bathroom things.
And to showcase one of my favorite pictures of all times; the first time our oldest 
(who was just one month shy of 5) met our second born son. 
A great picture that I had in storage (shame shame) I get to see now every day. 
Sweet memories.

Now onto some hooks-
 The robes belonging to our middle son and our daughter needed some place to hang. They don't stay on hangers very well and they also have a habit of being left here and there. To help them have a 'home' I bought the kids each a command hook. Our middle son choose to have his placed on the back of his door. While our daughters is hanging just inside her closet door.

Lastly, (sorry, I didn't clean up for you) I traded out the black round table that was in between these chairs. I really liked it better upstairs. It's a great in front of the couch type table. (as you can see in the top picture.)

Now for some motivation to go get the groceries we need restocked...

Hope you're having a good Monday!


Hershey's Moma


  1. Ahh motivation...could you send some my way? I love those command hooks. That table is a great find and that picture is just adorable. Nothing wrong with practical.



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