The mom mobile-

Current state of my middle console.
130,000 miles and I'd like to take it to 200,000 before we're done.
What a dreary day today.
The rain hasn't stopped.
What a better 'rainy day' activity to do then fix my car-
The battery is smoking and the car stinks of rotten eggs.
"Are you sure you didn't leave any food in here??" my husband asks Friday night
as just the two of us are heading to the Varsity Football game.
(our date night, funny)
"Nope, I'm triple sure. There is something wrong with my car!" I explain.
We park behind the school and as my husband opens the door, 
he jokes calling it
the rat mobile.
Saturday comes and with the exception of our oldest we all pile
in mid afternoon to drop our daughter off at a birthday party.
Just before we arrive at the house my husband says we are loosing tire pressure.
We pull into the Firestone parking lot
(after we drop our daughter off and after we get KFC for the 2 hungry boys in the car)
and sure enough there is a nail in one of my tires. IN fact the nice repair man
tells my husband my car needs 4 new tires, soon. (like within the month soon)
We take the boys to the park and talk about our options.
So here we go, fingers crossed, that it will start once my husband changes the battery.
So I can take it to get fixed ASAP.
This moma needs a mom mobile.
I don't want a new car-
If for only one reason alone that I'll have to clean it out first.
We'll see.

Inside my console:
My reading material as I'm many hours a week in the car or at practice waiting...
(I have always loved reading autobiographies especially regarding entrepreneurs, Onward is good.)
Sunglasses and Our oldest ones Antibiotic for a sinus infection
2 packs of gum: Mentos UP2U sweet mint and bubble fresh; 5 (I forget what flavor!)
KT tape for my ankle when I run longer runs
(expensive stuff but good, very good)
Headphones (our 9 year olds)
School papers
My dad is down here now.
The battery is corroded. Yikes.
I need to go bake something.


Hershey's Moma


  1. Going on 210,000 miles on my mom van. Still going strong...

  2. Mom mobiles are the best! I just saw that I have almost 100K on mine. Your van shows that it is loved and so are your babies!



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