looking back over the week through my cell phone pictures-
a link up
What do you want to drink??
When our oldest has a home football game I pick up dinner for him and drop it off at the school 
before the game. This past week it was Mac-n-Cheese from Noodles. I just didn't know 
what drink he wanted and a quick text to him quickly solved that.

Friday night Varsity Football Game
Our oldest on crutches, cold and 'crutchen' back to the locker room for some pants. 
(he went to the Dr. last night and is being released from crutches this Saturday!!!! 
Hopefully his knee will do well this week and get stronger with little pain as he starts to rehab it.)

Date with my husband!
Saturday we went to breakfast alone (and we also celebrated our 15th anniversary this past week!)

Swinging at the park.
While our daughter was at a birthday party we stopped at a nearby park with our 
9 year old and 4 year old boys to play Saturday afternoon.

Daughter with her neighbor friend.
Sunday afternoon was a lazy day. Our daughter and I were the only ones home for a greater portion of the afternoon. (our middle son had a football game in the pouring down rain) She had her neighbor friend over and she made her bedroom into an art school. Of course she was the instructor. 

"My head feels hotter and hotter."
Waiting to pick up our oldest from football with our sick little 4 year old mister.

Finally asleep.
I resorted to rocking him to sleep one night as he was having such a hard time 
falling asleep with his cold. (we are getting so close to rocking being a thing of the past, sad)

New tires for me!!

A visit to the pet store.

No we aren't getting another dog even though 
our littlest kept saying, "aw, I love you puppy..." 
and of course our daughter didn't want to leave without one. 
We came home and gave Hershey some love instead.

My room.
Umm. Who put all my blankets on the floor??

Starting to look like fall behind our house!
The leaves are changing colors every single day. 

Anniversary Night
We took our oldest to dinner.
I forgot to get a picture at dinner so here we are after we came home-
Yes, he is so so big.

Have a great weekend.
More InstaFriday pictures found here at Life Rearranged.


Hershey's Moma


  1. I love the shot of all the drinks - that might sound a little weird, but the colors are oh so pretty! :)

    Stopping by from InstaFriday!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! I dont know if I could have left the pet store without one of those furry friends!!!

  3. All wonderful moments! Thanks for sharing! You just get prettier and prettier every year! I love the pic of you and hubby!
    I like that your bed wasn't made!

  4. Such a great capture of your week. So...what drink did he chose? I would have gotten one of the Izze (sp?)drinks...yum. How wonderful that you were able to have breakfast alone with your honey...and dinner with the oldest! I hope your little guy is feeling better. I was up last night with a sick little guy too and I'm home with him today.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a fantastic week! I love the feet in the sky shot from the swings! Have a great weekend!!

  6. Happy anniversary! And hope your sons knee heals quickly!!!! And, I love your bedroom! Really pretty.



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