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It's time to take a look at our week through my cell phone pictures...
It was full.

 Okay, I let the kids mess with my phone all-of-the-time. I got locked out of it once this week, the settings were changed and a contact was lost- all on different days by different children. Am I going to stop letting them 'play' with my phone? Probably not.

Me and my kg. girl at school. She had a leaf rubbing project I came in to help with.
Our 4th grader lacing up his shoes-
The elementary football teams were introduced at the Varsity game during half time. Big deal!!
My husband worked late and I thought he missed the half time show but he surprised me
and was standing right behind me snapping pictures of it right over my shoulder.
IU football for our middle son (4th grader) and a friend. 
And a bon-fire at Nana's and Papaw's Saturday night.
I love my mom's fall decorations on her front porch.
This week we had...
 Our Freshman still 'crutchen around campus' with the Dr. saying 2 more weeks. [sigh]
and maybe surgery but we are praying not
(littlest calls his crutches crunches)
 Another spill.
Another brand new bottle of orange juice. This time it fell out of my car. 
 A sad day at school followed by mommy guilt so I did a super cute braid for her 
before school the next day. It worked.
(she is sucking on a ring pop)

 Almost no snack food by mid week so the littlest and I headed to the store 
during football practice and stocked up.
A snack for him while we shopped: 
a cheeseburger happy meal, plain with fries (that he never eats) and an apple juice
 Study snacks = very happy teenager.
(chocolate chip little bites, carmel apple slices and a rice krispie treat)
(he had a big science test)
(weird, he can bend his knee completely he just can't bear any weight without pain)
 Little details.
I put snack bowls by the peanuts because it's easier that way. 
(the kids were eating the peanuts atop the place mats- slightly messy!)
 A carmel apple for me.
First one of the season.
And I don't like eating them off of the stick.
 Football practice then homework for our 4th grader 2 nights a week.
Almost every time-
Sometimes he gets a little done before practice but not always and he always 
lays on the floor when he's doing it.
 Huge surprise to me when I found our 4 year old littlest one fast asleep in our bed 
one night after I had put him to bed. He snuck right by me.
A big accomplishment. I found all of the puzzle pieces this week.
And our littlest played all day like it was Christmas with the new found toy pieces.
Oh, and I almost forgot. 
A view of my drive. I live in the country. This is the road I take every day everywhere I go.
And I saw Daffy Duck in that cloud but my kids couldn't find him...

Have a great weekend-

I've got new shoes to wear. 

(and our daughter woke me just before 5 this morning to tell me she is hungry for pizza and breadsticks)
(more InstaFriday pictures at Life Rearranged)


Hershey's Moma

edited to add:
Love is in Ugand a right now and is raising money 
to throw a 'party' for the imprisoned children through  Sixty Feet.
 The need is $750.00 in 24 hours to do this for those precious children.
Click on the Sixty Feet above for a direct link to donate.


  1. Love the shoes! I got new shoes today as well! I love them! I got new jeans too, but you'll have to read my blog to find out about those. I had a caramel apple 2 weeks back! Yum. You two look so pretty in first pic!

  2. Love the country too and your shoes!!!

    Thank you for posting so I could see your week!!!

  3. I don't know where to begin......I've missed reading your blog, sweet friend!
    love the braid.
    oh no OJ.
    great snack food purchased.
    I don't like caramel apples on the stick either.
    love the picture on the wall in the peanut pic.
    awesome shoes.
    <3 <3 <3

  4. I always let Lv play with my phone. Thankfully she's stopped calling people but I did find her on FB the other day.
    At least the OJ was outside. Much easier clean up.
    Liv would be best friends with your youngest. All she eats are fries.
    Love the shoes and the braid!

  5. Those pumpkins are very sute front porch decorations

  6. Okay so I came across your blog and was surprised you mentioned Love!!! I'm a friend of hers (in real life :)) and even went to Uganda with her in February - when she met her boys. <3

    I was guessing you were maybe in the midwest, with the IU football - I'm in Indiana. :) cute blog, and super cute hair style on your daughter! :)



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