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A look back at our week as viewed from my cell phone pictures...
First Football Game 
for our 9 year old.
First win of the season!!
Sweet celebration at Dairy Queen after the game-
Dinner Out
4 Year Old Big Mister was all over the place during dinner.
Wouldn't you know it he fell fast asleep 20 seconds after we got in the car.
(just like Daddy said he would!)
Next Door Neighbor's Tomato Plant
Do you see the caterpillar?? It has eggs all along its back-
(Love our neighbors. I had a tomato sandwich for breakfast compliments of their tomato plant!)
And then the week began:
We had a wonderful gallon of fresh orange juice spilled across the kitchen floor;
3 stops made at our favorite shake place during happy hour
 for the 14 year old oldest one who stayed home from school 
every-single-day (but today)
with a sore throat/cold that turned into pink eye/sinus infection;
We received some good news so I stopped for 1/2 a dozen cup cakes to bring home and celebrate;
(plus an extra one big mister and I split!)
 I had to share the goodness of the one we shared-

A trip was made downtown by 4 year old big mister and I. 
Upon parking at the top of the parking garage 
(after winding around and around and around)
big mister exclaims, this parking spot is genius!!
While doing push ups on my bedroom floor I couldn't smell the remnants of this mess.
(thanks to 1/4th of a bottle of Lysol neutra air Fabric Mist)
(I've started to do Jillian work-outs again, she is a tad bit nicer this time around)
Sat through a whole football practice (one-hour-and-a-half) with the big mister sleeping.
Thankfully he wasn't up until midnight. Just 11 p.m.
Baby wearing girlie came and asked me to take a picture of her and her doll.
(I LOVE that she is 6 and still plays with dolls every single day!)
Took the 'long way home' one afternoon as requested by our daughter
just so we could see the fountain toilet.
(she refers to it as 'the barn fountain toilet') 
And read from my favorite kid Bible a couple of mornings while eating egg salad.
Can I say I LOVE that Bible so much I am the only one allowed to eat over it.

Have a good weekend!!

(more InstaFriday here at Life Rearranged) 


Hershey's Moma


  1. Isn't amazing how one little nap can throw off an entire evening. Liv took an unscheduled 20 minute nap Tuesday and didn't go to bed until 10. I love that your daughter wears her babies. So sweet.

  2. Orange juice....on of the worst, seems like its so hard to get it all up!!!

    Love the big windows in your house as it looks like from the pics!!!

  3. I hear ya on the spills, we seem to be having a lot around here lately too.k

    The toilet fountain is hysterical :)

    Yay for good news and cupcakes!

  4. I love the baby carrying by the neck!!! :o)

  5. what a fun look at your week--we love that Bible, too! that cupcake looks amazing, once again your daughter CRACKS me up, and...geesh, your oldest has had quite the week!!
    here's to a wonderful weekend <3 <3 <3

  6. What a great way to document bits and pieces of your week!! Cupcakes look absolutely amazing and I was laughing out loud at the baby around the neck. :) 4 year old comment about the parking it!



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