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A peek at our week from the pictures I pulled off of my cell phone...
A 3 day weekend!!
Excited to start the weekend we head downtown after school on Friday
 and have fun at the Children's Museum.
We pick two areas to go to before we head in as we only have an hour to play.
(Science works and The Carousel are the choices!)
(our oldest and Daddy miss out on the fun as they are at our oldest ones Varsity Football game-)
Saturday morning it's back downtown for my first mini marathon.
I ran. It was hard. I hit a mental/physical wall at the 10 mile mark and wanted to quit.
I texted my friend, running the course with me, about 20 minutes after I wanted to quit 
and 1 mile before I was done-
go go go run with those beautiful feet!
(motivation for the both of us because it was all about my feet at that point 
as one of my knees was really hurting me)
We finished. I wish I had taken a picture of the 2 of us together at the finish. :(
Next time. 
(skip Sunday I didn't take one single pic)
Labor Day it was gloomy. Daddy needed to work from home so I took the 3 younger ones to putt-putt and duck pin bowling while our oldest was at football practice.
We finished out Labor Day at Steak-n-Shake with Daddy.
Tuesday evening I had no-idea when I took this picture of myself in the car on the way to our oldest sons JV game that I would be bringing an injured son home from the game. 
(I took the picture to show it was the first game of the season we had to 
dress in warm sweaters, jackets and brought blankets to the game.)
He injured his knee and it was a wait until morning and see...
I tossed and turned for most of the night.
Wednesday was our Dr. day. 
The appointment was for 1:30 so I let our oldest pick where he wanted to go for lunch before then.
He picked Five Guys. 
(Five Guys lifted our spirits a teensy bit!)
 We were so relieved at the appointment as the Dr. said there wasn't a break.
Our oldest one really got his smile back then-
A deep bone bruise and crutches for 2 weeks.
Before we went in I promised our 4 year old big mister he could go wherever he wanted after the appointment with me if he was super well behaved. He picked '2 slide place.' (McDonald's playland)
I was thrilled with his behavior (he only lost my wallet once by taking it when I wasn't looking and stuffing it in the cushions of one of the couches in the waiting room. I didn't realized it was gone until half way through the exam and then I panicked slightly. Big mister took me right to it... top notch behavior. :)
Thursday I'm completely behind on a number of things and forget to feed our 9 year old middle son before football practice.
We bought him a fish and chip basket for his ride home from the bar and grill around the corner from the school. It was waiting for him in the car when he got done with practice. (and it smelled.)
"How's your dinner?" I ask our middle son as we are half way home.
(we all laughed at his honesty)
This morning.
What a lo-ong week.
Our oldest brings his tie to the car and needs me me to tie it.
Um, sweetie, I don't know how to tie a tie...
But I will do my best as I've seen Daddy and my Dad tie a tie a million times in my life-
There you go. A windsor knot just like I remember my late Uncle Mitch teaching my husband many years ago. At the bus stop I place the tie like a necklace around his neck. Start to push it up and straighten it out (mind you he is on crutches) and the smaller portion is all twisted.
Thankfully, the Dad at the bus stop in the car next to us came to our rescue and tied a nice traditional knot for us just before the bus pulled up!

Thankful it is Friday!!
(see more instaFriday pictures here at Life Rearranged)


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  1. I love how you say next time (about the race)...way to go! I'm still so glad there's no he handling the crutches OK? 5 Guys...that would make my hubby smile too...he loves it there. Yeah for your little guy being such a big boy :) And yeah for the dad who helped out in a pinch. Happy Friday!

  2. what an awesome story. i have never been able to tie a tie myself... but i'm thinking i might need to learn when i have kids!

  3. Congrats on the race! Way to go! So glad your guy didn't break anything. I'm following you now. Not really sure why I haven't all along :)



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