Our life this week as viewed from my cell phone pics:
a link up

The Weekend-
Car Wash
 Long Run
 Alone date for me and our 2 oldest boys;
Cracker Barrel, Yummo. 

The Week:
(do you see 4 year old big mister jumping on the couch in the furniture store?!)
(the playroom is getting a huge over hall, hopefully I'll be done next week!)

Lunch Date-
First a stop by Daddy's office with a quick ear, nose and throat check.
Everything looks great on our 4 year old!

Scoping out the Closet-
I needed to know how much space I was working with as I will be sending in toys to store at the office for the children there to enjoy.

Friday = Spirit Wear 
OH, and the last day for little miss to wear white.
(do you all do that? no white pants after Labor Day??)

Have a great weekend...


Hershey's Moma

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  1. I remember my mom trying to teach me no white pants after labor day and something about white shoes. And then something about cream, but it didn't stick because I never owned any white pants or shoes!

  2. Ooh, I love Cracker Barrel :) Cleaning out of my favorite things to do. I have a bunch of toys that I need to donate. How cute is your little guy getting checked out by dad. I have heard about not wearing white, but I don't have any white pants so I'm good :)

  3. LOL at the no white pants! I did grow up with that rule, but would never have thought about applying it to my daughter's wardrobe. I don't think it matters anymore! :]

  4. fun week! your run is this weekend, right?! ;)



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