Creative. Complete. {week 36}

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I needed something to change my perspective on this toy dilemma in the basement. So I scoot the old heavy walnut toy chest that we've had since our firstborn in front of the 'therapy couch'. (okay, I picked it up and carried it until my arms started to shake and then I scooted it the rest of the way) I went to the Michael's and bought my first can of chalkboard paint. In gray. I stand on that aisle for what feels like 15 minutes trying to find the chalkboard markers. Walk a few aisles over until I find a clerk and ask where I can find the markers. She guides me back to the exact aisle and points them out.  Just above eye level and they don't even look like I think they might.
Home to a beautiful afternoon of sunny skies. I move the top of the chest outside to paint. I paint 2 coats letting it dry 1 hour in between just as the directions say I should. Then 24 hours later it is ready to cure and write. I go the the Pinterest board 'inspiration' and look for different sayings I could write. Then I find one I didn't pin but I like it for now-
I write it out. Put the lid on. Guess which child of mine is the first to read it?? I'll change what it says another day as I decide.

I'm keeping that chest forever but my mom has first dibs on it when I don't want it any more.


Hershey's Moma

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  1. The room looks great and I personally love the "therapy couch". The pillows are a perfect contrast and I really like how you have the print behind the couch offset a bit. You will have to post each time you change what you have written on the toy chest. Love what you started out with.

  2. That is a great complete. That toy chest is a real treasure. I have wanted to try chalk paint and those markers on the door in our kitchen.



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