15 years later...

We played a game at one of my Bridal Shower's 15 years ago. My husband and I each separately answered the same questions and then the answers were read aloud...

How many children will you have?
He said, "3."
I said, "6."

We have 4.

I had no idea 15 years ago today that I would be right in the middle of motherhood. Raising each of our 4 different children while being a wife living out the promise of for better, for worse-

Just this morning-

I was tip-toeing out of our bedroom at 6:20 while holding my breath so I wouldn't wake the 2 smallest children sleeping in our room. Our littlest was in our bed (still sick with a cold) and our daughter was on the couch. (she didn't want to be 'left out.') I've had enough nights on the couch with our littlest and my husband took a turn sleeping there.

Then it was on to making eggs and bacon with toast for a very eager 9 year old morning person. He is up every school day by 5:50 (without any prompting at all from me) showered and at the breakfast table by 6:20. Every day.

Next, I quickly put our 14 year old's breakfast together for the car ride. On the way to the bus stop I gave a slightly stern lecture... you have a way of getting yourself out of bed and ready for the day each school day sometime between 6:40 and 6:45. Every day. I want to be loading the car at 6:38. You are disciplined enough to get upstairs by 6:44 EVERY DAY. Now change that to 6:38 and you'll be doing great- I let it sink in and then changed the tone of the conversation to something light because I really don't like that to be the last interaction we have before he gets onto the school bus and starts his day.

Upon arriving home I spent this morning 'getting a tutoring' lesson on how to paint a cat from our 6 year old daughter before she was off to Kindergarten.
Her cat, I'll spare you the picture I did!

And I just finished spending lunch alone with our 4 year old who asks me, "mommy do you know how to read?" Well maybe he thought I just made up all the words in all those bed time stories I've read over the years. (?)

My husband and I each stood on the corner of 301 Park Avenue this summer deciding if we should go to Starbucks for an after dinner coffee or the Bistro. The Bistro won and we crossed the street. Nobody could have ever prepared us for our life together we both agreed as we talked over coffee. Our life has taken a lot of turns that we would have never expected. (for better and for worse) But 15 years later and I'm so thankful we are one, committed and living our life and the promise we made before God and man- while raising each of our blessings from the Lord.


Hershey's Moma


  1. 15 years...what a blessing and a joy! Wow...I am amazed at your middle son...I need his motivation. I always like the last interaction to be cheery as well. Enjoy your anniversary :)

  2. 15 years--what a testimony! (your anniversary is coming up in oct, correct?) :) I really wish you would've shown the picture you created this morning!! And I love the question from your son about if you can read. priceless! <3

  3. Our anniversary is the 28th... of September. :)
    We had a good night celebrating at a nice restaurant with just our oldest.
    And the cat painting, my little artist girl said it was terrible. (in a nice way of course!) It was terrible mostly because I didn't make 'triangles' for the ears!



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