10 on 10 {September}

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It's the 10th.
 10 photo's over 10 hours today; here goes-
7.30 ish
 8.30 ish
 9.30 ish
 10.30 ish
 11.30 ish
 12.30 ish
 1.30 ish
 2.30 ish
 3.30 ish
 4.30 ish

And then we went to church.
For a 911 Service.
It was outstanding good.
Dinner out.
(The Saturday Special; Bison Ribs for me!) 
Huge bonus on the drive home-
 4 year old Big Mister fell asleep.
For the night-
 I carried him to bed.

Happy Saturday to you all-


Hershey's Moma

The  link up to see more 10 on 10.


  1. I had times with an ish too today! You were up much earlier than I was today. Looks like you all spent a lot of good time outside...this weather is just lovely :) Glad you all had a great service.

  2. Love that gorgeous first picture. What a sweet family you have. There is something so adorable about little boys playing football :)

  3. How cute is your little football player! Love it. Looked like you had a fun Saturday. And, i love it when they fall asleep in the car & transfer to bed. Makes the bedtime routine so much easier! :)

  4. Looks like a wonderful day. The flower is gorgeous! Great ten on ten!

  5. I love your set. It looks like you had a wonderful. The kids running made me smile.

  6. SUCH cute kids! thanks for sharing your day!



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