Street Fair

 My mind today was instantly brought back to the Sunday morning street fair my husband and I  happened upon the last day we spent in New York city a few weeks ago now.  I was 1/2 way through my training run today and I happened upon a street fair. I could smell the fair before I could see it.
 It was much like the fair in New York City by way of smells and the different vendors represented. Although, if I would have been taking pictures today I'm almost certain nobody would have requested I pay them for my photography...
 The people in New York on the streets have a thing about that. It is like an unspoken rule.
 But the smells and the sights. Just about the same. From the corn to the meat being grilled-
 And I must say today I was mighty hungry only having had 1/2 of a turkey sandwich before my run with a water bottle to tied me over until I was done. If I would have had some money I probably would have finished my run right then only 5 miles instead of 10...
 The temptation. The fight to finish and finish strong. My legs were getting weary today much before my mind was though. (our oldest says if I would stretch before I run I could endure it so much more and he is right.) So I finish Street Fair smells and all.
I'm thinking about finishing my run right where that Street Fair starts next weekend.


Hershey's Moma

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