Science at work.

By Thursday night of last week, with the exception of our energizer bunny oldest, the children were worn out. I could tell they were going to need a relaxing night of staying home and doing what ever their minds could think of for fun on. So instead of going to the varsity football away game/or having them stay home with a babysitter the kids and I enjoyed some driveway time-


Miss and I each had a bowl of cookies and cream.
It was fun.
After the sun went down I came inside with the kids giving them their baths and the bedtime routine.
I was hoping to have them asleep by 9ish but that was a high expectation-

I think it was closer to 10.


Hershey's Moma

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  1. Enlighten me on this routine. We are taking it easy this week as my little man starts school.



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