The Sand Dollars. Complete. {week 33}

While the little ones played at Grandma's (GiGi's) house a few weeks ago now Grandma and I talked about shells. One of my greatest finds to date this past Hilton Head Vacation were the Sand Dollars. I really wanted to be able to have super white Sand Dollars as Grandma has without breaking them. So I did as Grandma said and just left them in the sun. 
All summer long on the back porch they sat.
They sat through storms and the sun. Naturally cleaning and whitening.

And while this past week proved to be full and good as the kids had all of their 'back to schools' I found myself (nervous) starting a few to many projects that I haven't been able to complete. 
Looking forward to this week now I have a lot of loose ends. 
As my husband said last night, "we'll see what you [I] do with it..."
 But the sea shells they just kept doing their thing in the sun.
 I contemplated bringing them in to wash with bleach as Grandma said you could also do. My husband suggested a hydrogen peroxide soak. That's just what we did by midweek. We left them in a plastic container on the kitchen counter with the kids sneaking peeks here and there to check on the progress.
GiGi's Sea Urchin from her collection.
And today we have bright white Sand Dollars.


Hope you're having a good Monday!


Hershey's Moma

Edited to add:
This is an idea I have for displaying them, here.

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