Running in Central Park

Edited to add: The pictures in Central Park were taken the day after my run not while I was running! Now that would be top notch photography if I could photograph while I was running. :)

Oh, I know I said I would show you all a picture of the T.J. Maxx find for our daughter's craft area... today. However, that will have to be tomorrow.

One of the most exciting parts of going to New York for me was being able to run in Central Park. Before we left I studied the map of Central Park I found here.

 As I've been training for a few weeks now to run in an all woman's mini marathon this September I was especially excited to find out that the route completely around the park was a little over 6 miles. That was in line with my training and I had a  goal to complete the full park at least once and maybe twice while I was visiting. I was a little nervous to be going to the park alone. The flight we took out to New York we shared with a Dr. friend who is older, wiser, been to New York many times before and also is a runner. He asked me if I would be running in Central Park. I responded, "is it safe for me to run alone?" He said without hesitation, "oh, yeah, completely safe... you have to run in Central Park. In the day time of course."
 So the first day I ran and took it all in. I decided I wouldn't do the full 6 miles on my first try and finished at 4 and a half. (plus this would ensure I would be back just to complete the 6 I had in my heart to do!)
 I arrived on Saturday morning fully ready to run the 6. I wasn't expecting so many other runners to be there. It was crowded and in some places on the running portion of the road it was shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow. I ran with one earbud in just so I could be slightly more aware of my sourroundings. I started out just fine at the south street entrance.
 The sky was bright blue, the road was mostly shaded in all areas as I was sourrounded by trees. The sounds of the city I could hardly hear. As I came about to the end of 3 miles I was running out of steam. Up to this point I had been running a lot faster than I really wanted to be going up and down hills in a pack of quick runners. I thought in my mind that I couldn't finish. In fact I was beginning to feel as if I was on a roller coaster ride that was going to fast and wouldn't stop. I wanted to scream "stop, get me off of this ride, I got on the wrong one... I need to stop." I realized quickly that I made a goal that my mind wasn't wanting to do but really my legs and body could carry through with it. It was mind over matter and all I really needed was a drink of water. Right about that time I swerved off of the path breaking free from that running pack and drank from the water fountain. Then I quickly got back on the path and found a cadence I could do better.
 I wound around through the park staying on the 6 mile path without taking any shortcuts. I ran past the ball diamonds and was exhilarated as I heard the ball crack and the fans cheer.
Then it was on by the park benches that line the roads as you are nearing the west end of the park. They are full of people watchers. Many of them have their camera's and take pictures of the runners, bikers, and horse drawn carriages.
I found myself for the last mile of my run in stride with another runner who looked as if he had done this many times before. I looked over at him and asked as I pointed straight ahead, "if I started out there on my run and ran through the park on Park Drive down and around one time how far would that be?" He looked at me and said, "you didn't take any short cuts?" "No," I answered. "Then you did 6 miles, you ran around the whole park on this road?" he asks. "I did," I assure him. "You did a good run!" he offered as I picked up the pace a bit to finish strong. I'm glad I finished the 6 mile run in Central Park.


Hershey's Moma


  1. way to go! .....and did you have your camera in hand or were the pics taken @ a diff time? ;)

  2. I feel like I'm right there with you cheering you on. Seriously, as I'm reading this I'm pushing you to finish. And I did have the same question as Laurie...I'm guessing it was at a different time. Way to go Amy!!!

  3. Woohoo! Sounds like so much fun. You should be super proud of yourself.



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