Romans 12:18

I made it.
You can have it.
Take it if you want it-
For free. 
From me.

Have a good Wednesday!!
Is it really the last day of August... ?


Hershey's Moma
Since school has started I've been really working on staying on top of the laundry.
It barely has time to hit the floor before it's in the wash.
Imagine my oldest sons discouragement with this new laundry system of mine when he came home from school yesterday to find I had washed his football pants with the pads still in them.
  Well they were on the floor in your bathroom and anything on the floor is fair game.
Nope. I didn't say that. (you didn't think I did, right?)
peace, think peace. What would peace do right now.
I'm sorry. Did I ruin them???
He's pulling the pads out of each slot inspecting them ever so carefully-
Are they okay?
He smiles. (whew)
Yeah mom, they are going to be okay but don't wash my pants unless I ask you to. K?
You've got it!


  1. what would peace do right now....LOVE it.
    thanks for the print! what a great verse and awesome colors you chose. happy weds sweet friend!

  2. Whew...that pads were saved. Look at you staying on top of the you hear me cheering for you. Thanks for the verse...I need to hang Scripture all around me right now. I'm not doing a good job at staying in His Word and I need to improve.



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