The rant and raves of a tired moma.

And I got a full night sleep for the first night in 3 without any child coming to my bed sick, wet, or scared.
They started late last night. As I looked around the house. Somebody ate Cheetos in the basement out of the bag and the crumbs were all over. (with the bag laying empty on the floor!) Then another somebody (a different somebody) was dragging out all of the food into the clean kitchen just after 9 p.m. just after I cleaned the kitchen from tip to top.

That's it. I rant and rave, as of today the kitchen is closed at 9:15 p.m. and no more eating in the basement at all because there is not a responsibility taken by the children to eat at the bar and only at the bar. 

The discipline will be no t.v. time tomorrow.

Rant and rave over. Everybody to bed!

The one somebody spoke up with a smile on his face, I did it! I look at him and he goes on to say,  I ate the Cheetos in the basement. Moma I told the truth. (he wanted to get out of his discipline... by making the right choice and telling the truth)

So right now, because the truth was told, the 2 middle boys are vacuuming up the crumbs in the basement before they turn on the t.v. (grace) I hear the littlest brother telling the middle brother, "you're doing a great job!"
And even with a full nights rest, undisturbed, I've decided the kitchen will close at 9:15 each evening. Except weekends. :)


Hershey's Moma

(All pictures taken last night on our drive. It was gorgeous out last night!)


  1. I love your honesty about your reactions.....oh my, I'm the same way! But the grace offered? priceless. Those bubble pics are great!

  2. I believe I've been in your spot before and how awesome to show grace. Honesty...can't beat's one of the top rules in our house. And closing the kitchen at 9:15 probably isn't such a bad idea. Enjoy your Friday.



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