One step ahead.

Tubing today; boating today.
Our oldest had a sleepover friend last night.
As we met his friend last night on our way home from church we loaded up our car 
with his sleepover gear which also included a tube for  the boat.
The boys each wanted a tube so they wouldn't have to share and we were planning to attach 
both of the tubes to the boat and pull them at the same time.

Bright and early this morning the boys were up as planned ready for a big breakfast and then off to boating.
At breakfast they each let us know they wouldn't be tubing after all.
" [our football] Coach says no more tubing or swimming."
"Oh, I question. You all just thought of that this morning? Then sun bathing it will be... on our boat while the littlest ones tube."
"No, no, that's okay. We can just stay home while you guys go out on the boat."

 It was fun and hot. But we enjoyed ourselves. The teenage boys included.

Right up until the storm clouds rolled in. We pulled the boat out in record time.
And I was so thankful we had 2 teenagers to help cover it before the downpour.


Hershey's Moma

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  1. I was just telling someone how one year I want to try seems like so much fun. Whew...for beating the storm!



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