My Barista/Hero

I was thinking of my girl last night the whole sermon long. She was in her class learning and listening while I was sitting in the auditorium holding our sound asleep hot 4 year old right next to my husband and our oldest. She is going to move mountains. Her faith cannot be shaken. I've spoken that truth into her since birth and even more so in the past 3 years. Our sermon was on Heros.
You are rich in everything. You have faith. You can preach. You have much learning. You have a strong desire to help. And you have love for us. Now do what you should about giving also. 2 Corinthians 8:7, NLV

She woke with a start. I heard her climb out of bed. I was asleep in the Great Room on the couch as our littlest had woke in the middle of the night and choose to sleep in the Great Room beside me. She comes to me with her metal collection can rattling with a few coins inside. As she approaches my eyes start to crack, she bends toward me showing the mostly empty can... i need 40,000 dollars to send to the children in Guatemala... what chores can I do for money? My mind wasn't quite on chores yet it was on coffee. I ask, do you know how to turn on the coffee maker? 
She leaves my side telling me no, not yet and returns just a few moments later with a cup of tea she made in the microwave. I was impressed. 2 bucks for my Barista first thing this morning for her collection can...

Notes from our sermon as we studied the life of Josiah last night: 

How are heroes made?

This can unlock the heroism locked inside you.

His mother was a role model
Mentors tell you that " you can be more..."
You do not get a hero without a mentor

Children live up to the potential you give them and they grow up to become what you believe of them.

In the eighth year of his reign he found communion with God.
Josiah rebuilt the temple (church)
He humbled himself and sought the Lord and his word (bible)
Then he prayed (prayer)

Josiah restored the Passover
When he read the law and the story of his people he realized their destiny and that he was at the helm.
It became his destiny and his calling. The opportunity to do something for the Lord.

Heroes are made and not born!

The church must give birth to heroes.



Hershey's Moma

(I did let little miss know it isn't her full responsibility to collect the 40,000. They are collectively doing that as a Sunday School Class and she is excited to do her part!)
(Also, staying true to the fact that Moma never has cash she did carry her metal can to her Daddy's bedside waking him as she clangs the can on his side table asking for the 2 bucks...)


  1. I never have cash either!!! Is it your Wedding Anniversary today? If so, Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing the notes from the sermon. Number one is so true but so hard to swallow.

  2. amy, this is awesome stuff. i love # 1--what a positive spin!

  3. Have I told you how I adore her...ADORE. What I believe of them...that stands out to me. I need to chew on that. Thank you always for sharing.



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