Little Miss, Big Dreams

Practicing writing her numbers to 100 to make her teacher proud, using one of her freshly sharpened school pencils from her book bag. Hershey ran off with one of them and chewed it up, she didn't care, she has 24 more with one to spare she said!
"We should come here more often!" she exclaims as we are walking through the mall last night.
Unfortunately for my shopper I don't like to shop. It really is a chore to me.
But we were there just she and I and I was enjoying our alone time together.
She tried on about everything there was to try on in her size enjoying every second of it and pretending she was on a runway in Paris. (where does she get this?)
Every time it was the same thing.
I would help her into her outfit, she would push the little sequin purse with hearts dangling off of it up her arm, walk over to the mirror with her eyes closed and then pop them open in excitement to see the 'fashion'.
She loved loved loved just about every outfit and I helped her narrow her choices down one by one.
When we came home Nana came down.
Our little miss pulled out each outfit to show her.
Half way through the display of clothes she stopped and said,
"this outfit reminds me of Paris... moma says I can go when I graduate," she says with a smile so big it tickles me. She looks my way and says, "what, you said I could."

And Nana spoke up saying, "maybe your mom and I can go with you?"

Big dreams.

(maybe today we can think about today... just for this moma that wants to stop time... 
High School Orientation today... I don't want to stop big dreams, but really!)


Hershey's Moma


  1. Paris! I bet you were hoping for maybe a college within a couple hour radius!! haha, well it's adorable that her dreams are big and I love it that you told her she COULD....sounds like a precious time out together! (I look forward to those w/Char)
    <3 <3 <3

  2. She and Jamison will get along SO well...Jamison is the same way. And I'm with you, not a fan of shopping. I don't think your sweet girl can be any cuter. Paris...I hope she has a blast!!!



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