Kinda a big deal.

(the boys kept bobbing their heads up and down all along the lazy river!)
 Yesterday was the big day.  The class roster was posted and the teacher's listed. As I've home schooled our middle son for the past 2 years (for second and third grade) it was a big deal to me to know just who he was going to reconnect with and who his teacher[s] would be. (our son didn't think it was a big deal at all) But for me. Big. (maybe I've lost a little sleep over it, maybe not...)
So when we went to the pool last night knowing who was in his class and who his teacher's were we  were tickled to see one of his friends from school there. He remembered our son from 1st grade. (and vice versa) He palled around with our son a lot! He kept saying his name over and over. 
They are going to be in the same class...
It's kinda a big deal.


Hershey's Moma


  1. God is good. it IS a big deal ;) love your heart!

  2. That IS a big deal. Seeing God's little puzzle come together piece by piece amazes me. Our list comes out day :)

  3. I agree. That IS a big deal! We don't learn who our child's teacher is until just a day or so before the school year begins. It's always such an exciting, yet anxiety-filled wait.

    Hope your son has a fantabulous year!



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