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A look back at our week through the pictures on my phone-

Love to start the week with a clean cut yard. Bonus this week my husband sprayed the weeds.
(we have a lot of poison ivy this year, yuck!)

The JV (our Freshman) had their first game of the season, they won!

Hello scrumptious Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake!
Everyone loved it and there wasn't quite enough. I'll make that again.

Blocking the road in our neighborhood early in the morning as I return from the bus stop.
(they deflate super fast!)

 Our oldest had a friend over a couple weekends ago now. His friend went home 
and told his mom I make the best ravioli's ever! 
She asked for my recipe... there they are in the freezer section at the grocery.
 I took a picture so I would remember to tell her the correct brand. 
(Rosetto small round cheese ravioli's)
Boil for 3 minutes and they are ready. Easy, filling, teenage loving food.)
 Our next door neighbor brought us some of her garden goodness. My favorite. 
I had one on my grilled turkey and cheese sandwich for breakfast.

My sweet 4 year old. He is a great date. Sits there like he's all grown up...

(Sure looks like my week was mostly about the food!)

Gorgeous this week. It is looking to be bright and sunny this weekend as well.

Happy Friday to you all. Have a good weekend!!
I'm looking forward to [maybe] sleeping in a bit. 


Hershey's Moma


  1. yay for a weekend of sleeping in ;) ! haha, this is so funny amy b/c i just blogged about a week of food. yep, after taking a whole week off i come back with a food post. exciting stuff ;) happy weekend to you!! <3

  2. I must print off that cheesecake recipe for Rondell & I both will score points for that one. You're date is really should go out with him again :) Here's to a few extra winks ;)

  3. Hey lady, I got your number and your request to run together at about 1pm today! I'm heading out the door to meet Max from his bus but I want to call you this evening at some point! Tomorrow is promised away to many more than myself and I have to get up at 5am to get my run in! I am so sorry we won't be able to run together before the race. The only other thing is maybe we could meet one day next week and I could push the kids in the jogging stroller and we could do a light run of 3-5 miles together maybe on Wednesday?? We don't want to tucker ourselves out with much more than that before the race. 10 miles tomorrow might be a bit much for even me before doing 13 next weekend. I may do 8. I'll try to get you tonight on the phone when I don't have lovelies pulling on my shirt and screaming in my ear!

    According to this you can run 10m tomorrow and not be over doing it!



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